Lawn Care Services

Weekly and biweekly lawn services in the Temple, TX, Belton, Tx, and Salado, Tx and Harker Heights, TX areas.

Landscape & Xeriscaping

Texas Yard Medics prides itself on its variety of landscape services, over the years we have excelled at providing our customers with an all-in-one shop for landscape needs.

Lawn Fertilization

Lawns in Texas need water, oxygen, and sunlight just to stay alive. In order to thrive, however, they need a nutrient boost that only fertilizer can provide. The Yard Medics offer a top-notch lawn fertilization service that will help your grass become healthier and look better than ever before.

Irrigation Services

Texas Yard Medics will take care of all your irrigation needs, beginning with irrigation adjustments in the spring, adjustments throughout the year, and winterization in the fall.

Aeration & Yard Leveling

Want the healthiest lawn? Start with aeration and top dressing. Using a combination or organic material to give your yard the nutrients it needs.

Land Clearing

We provide land clearing, brush removal, underbrush clearing in the Temple, Belton, Salado and Harker Heights, Texas areas. Land Clearing Service

Tree Services

We are fully insured and skilled in removing and trimming a wide variety of tree types and sizes. Our company has over ten years of experience providing tree care and landscaping services. We take pride in providing affordable and dependable tree services to ensure customers receive the service they deserve!